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"Blue Monday" -- the third Monday in January -- has been dubbed the saddest day of the year. Dr. Liang, along with other mental health experts, weighs in on this concept and discusses why it may have become popular.

Supportive Friend

The Washington Post

Roughly 50% of teenagers suffer from mental health challenges, and figuring out the best way to help as a parent can be challenging. This article draws from experts, including Dr. Belle Liang and Timothy Klein, to discuss 5 tips on how parents can best support their kids.

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Amidst record levels of student stress, high schools are questioning if and how they can help. In this article, Belle Liang and Timothy Klein offer 5 concrete steps high schools can take to bolster mental health.

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This article discusses the various tips and strategies for cultivating a purpose mindset in young people as laid out in Dr. Belle Liang and Timothy Klein's new book How to Navigate Life.

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The New York Times

Featuring research from the Purpose Lab and Belle and Tim's book How to Navigate Life, this article from the New York Times explores the various initiatives educators are implementing to address the mental health crisis in schools. 

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The Art of Charm

This podcast episode, featuring Tim Klein and Belle Liang, discusses how you can find your purpose with a simple mindset shift.


Psychology Today 

Work-obsessed American culture tends to undervalue vacations, but research shows they are critical to improving health and job performance. In this piece in Psychology Today, Belle Liang and Tim Klein discuss the science of how to best plan and take a vacation that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. 


WBUR-FM Here & Now 

In this segment of NPR's Here & Now, guests Tim Klein and Belle Liang join host Jane Clayson to discuss aspects of their new book, How to Navigate Life, including how it can help students find purpose outside of academic achievement. 

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Alain Guillot Show

In this podcast, co-authors Belle Liang and Timothy Klein discuss their recently released book How to Navigate Life: The New Science of Finding Your Way in School, Career, and Beyond. 


Homes and Gardens Magazine

Have you ever wondered how to bring purpose and tranquility to your home? Here are 5 tips from psychology experts Belle Liang and Timothy Klein on how to create a 'self-care space.'


Market Watch

Obsessing over success and performance in our careers leads to high rates of unhappiness. Surprisingly, the opposite is also true: zeroing in on happiness and passion sets us up for high rates of depression and anxiety and low levels of performance. Belle Liang and Timothy Klein discuss a third and much healthier approach to navigating work and life: the purpose mindset. 


Times of San Diego

Compassion and its links to prosociality and purpose are explored in this article published in the Times of San Diego. Drawing off of insights from Belle Liang and Timothy Klein's newly released book HOW TO NAVIGATE LIFE: The New Science of Finding Your Way in School, Career, and Beyond, the article discusses the importance of teaching compassion to children and how exactly parents and educators can go about it.


Psychology Today

**Listed as the Top Essential Read in Psychology Today**


Sending your child off to college can be a difficult transition for parents. Belle Liang, PhD, and Tim Klein, LCSW, discuss the science of navigating transitions and highlight the pros and cons of three research-based strategies that make saying goodbye a little easier.

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Quick and Dirty Tips: How to Do Things Better

With more and more people leaving their jobs in search of more purposeful careers, it is now more important than ever to become a Purpose and Belonging Informed (PBI) leader. Belle Liang and Timothy Klein, author of HOW TO NAVIGATE LIFE: The New Science of Finding Your Way in School, Career, and Beyond, highlight what PBI leaders do differently and underline ways to cultivate purpose in your organization.


The New York Times

Featuring Dr. Belle Liang's research, this New York Times article explores the ways in which adult mentors can help catalyze teenagers' growth.

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Greater Good Magazine: Science Based Insights for a Meaningful Life

How can schools and other systems improve their learning environment to foster growth mindsets and see students flourish? Drawing off of data from their new book, Belle Liang and Timothy Klein delve into the new science of cultivating growth cultures in schools. 


Amie Kang wins a
Teaching Award!

Major congratulations to our lab member Amie Kang for winning the Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Award in 2022! Amie has been a dedicated member and leader of the Purpose Lab, and it is no surprise to us that her qualities have led to this well-deserved recognition!

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Boston College has added its True North program to orientation for first-year students this summer, encouraging them to think more deeply about a major. “How about if we help students make meaningful decisions?” says Timothy Klein, who leads the project.

Adult Students

Boston College Magazine

Formative Education in Action: Faculty research projects explore what it means to educate the whole person.

College Library

Boston College News

Formative education thriving at Boston College: Amid pandemic, efforts to promote and support a formative experience for students persevered—and flourished, survey shows.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

EdTech Magazine

Using Tech to Boost the Value of Higher Education During COVID-19: Boston College researchers collaborate with the university's CDIL and IT department to find innovative solutions.

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The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring

A conversation with Dr. Belle Liang: The intersection of positive female youth development and mentoring

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Boston College News

True North: Lynch School Professor Belle Liang and her research team are developing an app to help students discover pathways to finding purpose in college and beyond

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Lexington - Wicked Local

Lexington high school students Toby Ting, Anna Hazewindus, Will Sbihli, Lucas Viana and Josh Smith have partnered with Boston College professor Belle Liang to launch BC MentorOn.

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MentorOn Program Video

Boston College Professor Belle Liang and her son, Toby, have created a virtual community called MentorOn to pass down mentoring, from college to high school to younger generations.

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