Welcome to the Liang Lab! We are located in Boston College's Lynch School of Education and Human Development. We specialize in youth purpose intervention and research....


So what is "purpose?"

Purpose can be described as a long-term big picture goal or passion, something that you want to do or be someday that's very meaningful to you. You might think of it as similar to a life dream that you have.


Mentors and role models provide feedback, support, and guidance.


People who have a clear understanding of their strengths are able to identify a purpose that aligns with their abilities.


Purpose is driven by an enthusiastic and unabated interest in a goal or idea.

prosocial benefits

Meaningful causes that go beyond the self facilitate a strong sense of purpose.

The 4 P's of purpose


Purpose playbooks

What do I stand for? What are my guiding principles?


What makes me my best self?

What am I motivated to learn and master?

How can I make a meaningful impact?

How can I reflect, motivate, and act?

Who has offered me guidance in my purpose journey? 

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