What is your life dream? 

Welcome to the Purpose Lab!

The Purpose Lab, led by Principal Investigator Dr. Belle Liang, is located in Boston College's Lynch School of Education and Human Development. We specialize in youth purpose intervention and research, and are currently launching a web-based application that facilitates purpose learning and development among college students in a digital setting. In our lab, we also explore topics such as mentorship, gender, social oppression and privilege, and whole person education.

THE 4 P'S OF PURPOSE (more coming soon...) 



(from forthcoming book by Belle Liang & Tim Klein, St. Martin’s Press)

What do I stand for? What are my guiding principles?

What makes me my best self?

What am I motivated to learn and master?

How can I make a meaningful impact?

How can I reflect, motivate, and act?

Who has offered me guidance in my purpose journey? 


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